Delivered via our online platform, each programme combines live calls and on-demand content in various forms with a focus on supporting neurodiversity. Our flexible schedule means that students can manage their own workload, making our programmes accessible to those who may have part-time work, care duties and/or other commitments.


Our programmes, crafted to suit individuals with diverse care duties, work obligations, and other commitments, are suitable for all levels and disciplines. We focus on the fundamentals of digital communication, fostering growth mindsets and imparting invaluable digital skills and experiences, preparing our interns for all roles, industries and career paths.


Interns apply critical thinking and reflective techniques to produce and publish content that demonstrates thought leadership in their field of study, while exploring important social + environmental issues. All of our content creation briefs are co-created with global and local charity partners, and align with one or more of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.


At the start and end of all our programmes, interns self-assess against various Mindset, Skills + Experience criteria to measure their progression. We work closely with our university partners’ Learner Analytics teams to assess the impact of our programme on academic performance. Employability check-ins take place 6, 12 and 18 months post-programme completion.

Our Core Programme

Our CORE programme follows a simple weekly framework and focuses on digital communication skills, essential for all fields of study and intended career paths.

4 Weeks

Our core programme is 4-weeks in duration. Each week is made up of 10 hours of both on-demand learning and independent study

100% Online

We believe in accessibility and digital literacy in our ever-evolving online world which is why our programme is completely virtual

Flexible Schedule

Our programme is designed to fit alongside studies, part-time work, care duties and any other commitments that students may have

Delivery Method

All of our programmes are delivered via an online platform, designed to an ensure engaging and transformative experience

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